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Saturday, April 14, at Aldabella Winery in Westlake Village
Midnight Train

Gia Ciambotti - Vocals
Paul Manoogian - Guitar
Tony Pia - Drums
Lothar Struff - Bass/Vocals
8:30 - 11:30pm

Stay tuned for
Lounge Attack 2018
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Maitland Ward - Guitar/Vocals
Robert Terry - Guitar/Vocals
Chris Caswell - Keys
Myself - Bass/Vocals
Eddie Tuduri - Drums

Gone Too Soon
Carew Williams
Our hearts are broken
Our son's best friend, our second son
We love you, we'll miss you
My friends who have left
too soon
I'll miss you
To honor your memory I will treasure every moment.
Struff's Stuff
Lothar's Bio As in biography; the short story
Struff & Terry Three decades of collaboration and friendship
come to fruition on our CD, "Postcards From Lost In Blue."
Robert Terry Bob has been busy writing songs.
Bike Trip In June of 1978 Bob and I took a little bike ride from Montana to Los Angeles
These are mostly orphans that only my friends have heard
but life is too short to hold on to things..enjoy!

Struff & Terry unplugged at the Josephina's reunion in 2009

Midnight Train is keeping busy and having fun doing it!
Check out Gia Ciambotti's CD on iTunes

Canyon Club July 3, 2012

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