Lothar's virtual bio, welcome!

Who am I?

Who I am!

I guess this is the page where I tell you a little about myself?

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My name is Lothar Struff. I was born in Germany and emigrated to Ohio when I was six. I'm a musician with ecclectic taste. I started out emulating the BEATLES. Garage bands were formed and disbanded depending on which phase I was going through. There was the James Brown phase, the Hendrix phase, the Crosby, Stills & Nash phase....you get the idea. My formal music education consisted of two years spent at Berklee College of music in Boston which I abruptly quit in 1971 to form an acoustic trio with Robert Terry and Jim Stein touring college coffeehouses. A show band (yuk!) was next. Then a call from PUZZLE, a band signed to Motown, brought me to Los Angeles in 1973. California immediatlely felt like home and still does. I love the weather, the mountains, the ocean, and the diversity.

The next phase was "surviving" in Los Angeles. For a while I was a singing waiter at a restaurant which also happened to employ a wonderful singer named Amy Holland. In 1976 Amy, Robert Terry, and I decided to exit the restaurant business and formed a group. We landed a gig at a great little joint called Josephina's which became our home base. Josephina's was like a musical paradise for me. I got to play with some wonderful musicians and singers like Tommie Lee Bradley, Marietta Waters, Joyce Everson, Eric "Mouse" Johnson, Gene Nelson, Chris Caswell, Bobby Watson, Guy Mann Dude, George Perrilli, Jeff Paris, Lou Pardini, Rick Alegria, Eddie Tuduri, Rick Geragi, and many more. Our friendships have endured the test of time. During that time Amy went on to record two albums, one of which was produced by Michael McDonald. In 1979 Robert and I started touring with Paul Williams (I don't have enough room here to list all his hits so you'll have to visit his website). Working with Paul has been and still is a pleasure.

In 1989 I was offered the position as music coordinator of "The Bold and the Beautiful" which leads me all the way to the present. I've gotten back to writing and at this time Robert Terry and I are proud to announce that our CD has been released and is available at our Struff & Terry website.

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