Lothar's virtual links, welcome!

Below you'll find links to some of my favorite musicians and music related sites.

  • Bob and I have been playing and singing together for practically our entire lives. Check out a few of Bob's tunes on CD Baby.
    Robert Terry

  • He's one of my best friends, favorite singer, songwriter, saxman, producer, artist, and human being. What more can I say!
    John Lee Sanders

  • During most of the eighties I travelled the world with this artist. Once on tour in New Zealand he sang "With One More Look At You" for me to a lady in the audience. That lady is now my wife. If you read those lyrics you'll know why I think he's brilliant.
    Paul Williams

  • In 1979 I met Chris Caswell who was Paul Williams' conductor. Over the years I've seen him conduct orchestras, play a B-3 like Jimmy Smith, compose music for film, and to top it off he has also become a great lyricist.
    Chris Caswell

  • I've been doing a lot of live gigs lately with
    Midnight Train

  • This is the singer that makes Midnight Train come to life
    Gia Ciambotti

  • Teresa James offers some of the funkiest southern blues I've heard anywhere. She actually has some music you can hear on the site as well as gig dates around Los Angeles and a CD that you can purchase.
    Teresa James

  • I'd recognize his voice anywhere.
    Michael McDonald

  • In the early eighties I had the chance to sing a play with a wonderful singer. I'm happy to say that we've remained friends over time and she's still writing and singing beautiful songs. Check out her latest release, you'll be happy you did.
    Amy Holland

  • I've seen him at the Cinegrill twice. His songs tore my heart out.
    Jimmy Webb

  • In 1971 I dropped out of Berklee College of music to form a trio named Zaftig. The other two members were Jim Stein and Robert Terry. Our fist gig was at the Toledo University football stadium as warm up act for this artist. The other day I rented a movie titled, "A Walk On The Moon". In it was a Richie Havens tune that transported me back to a time when FM radio was new, top forty became insignificant, and I believed in the dream.
    Richie Havens

  • Combine Joni Mitchell's guitar tunings and James Taylor's cerebral mellowness and you've got this next artist.
    David Wilcox

  • If you like jazz then check out another San Fernando Valley native.
    Chris Ho